North Carolina Criteria and Toxic Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report

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Note: Data here represents permitted point sources only, as reported to North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality.
Facilities in Moore county reporting PM2.5(CAS: PM2.5) for Calendar Year 2012
Facility Name Assumed Amount (year)
Ingersoll - Rand Industrial U.S., Inc.0 Tons (2011)
Fletcher Industries0.1 Tons (2009)
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital0.2 Tons (2008)
Garners Septic Tank Inc0.2 Tons (2010)
FSC II, LLC - Carthage Asphalt Plant0.6 Tons (2011)
Speer Concrete, Inc.1.1 Tons (2011)
Gulistan Carpet, Inc. - Aberdeen ** INACTIVE **2 Tons (2009)
Perdue Farms Inc - Eagle Springs3.3 Tons (2009)
Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC - Standard Minerals Division5.3 Tons (2011)
Total Assumed Emissions12.8

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NC DAQ - Toxic and Criteria Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report