North Carolina Criteria and Toxic Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report

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Note: Data here represents permitted point sources only, as reported to North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality.
Facilities in Catawba county reporting PM2.5(CAS: PM2.5) for Calendar Year 2013
Facility Name Assumed Amount (year)
Dimension Wood Products, Inc. - Brian Drive P ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2009)
Sure Wood Products, Inc.0 Tons (2010)
Klingspor Abrasives, Inc.0 Tons (2011)
TSG Finishing, LLC - Conover Plant0 Tons (2011)
Traditions Woodcarvings and Frames, Inc.0 Tons (2009)
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Maiden Quarry0 Tons (2012)
Carolina Curves, Inc. ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2010)
NC Municipal Power Agency No. 1 - Maiden Community Ctr Unit0 Tons (2009)
McCrorie Group, LLC - Cranford Woodcarving0 Tons (2009)
Elite Wood Products, Inc.0 Tons (2011)
McCreary Modern - Maiden Frame Plant0 Tons (2009)
Carolina Solvents, Inc.0 Tons (2012)
PowerSecure, Inc. - Newton0 Tons (2011)
Robert Abbey, Inc.0 Tons (2010)
J. T. Russell & Sons, Inc. - Conover Plant0 Tons (2010)
Wood Products of Conover ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2008)
HNI Corporation0 Tons (2010)
Leathercraft, Inc.0 Tons (2010)
Eades Wood, Inc. d/b/a Timber Creek Wood Prod ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2009)
Carolina Pelleting and Extrusion, Inc.0 Tons (2010)
Carpenter Company Conover0 Tons (2012)
Ramsey Finishing - Hickory0 Tons (2011)
Dimension Wood Products, Inc., Plant 10.1 Tons (2011)
Sherrill Furniture Company, Inc.0.1 Tons (2011)
Commscope, Inc. - Claremont Operations0.1 Tons (2012)
Vanguard Furniture Company, Inc. - Frame Plan ** INACTIVE **0.1 Tons (2011)
Neill Grading & Construction Company, Inc.0.1 Tons (2012)
CommScope, Inc. - Catawba Plant0.1 Tons (2011)
Vanguard Furniture Company, Inc.0.1 Tons (2010)
Sipes Carving Shop, Inc.0.1 Tons (2010)
Blue Ridge Products, Inc.0.1 Tons (2011)
TSG Finishing, LLC - Combeau Industries0.1 Tons (2010)
Unifour Frame Company0.1 Tons (2010)
Renwood Mills, LLC - Flour Mill0.2 Tons (2011)
Carolina Container Company0.2 Tons (2011)
Century Furniture - Plant No. 20.2 Tons (2010)
Perry's Frame, Inc.0.2 Tons (2011)
Newton Sanitary Landfill0.3 Tons (2009)
Conover Lumber Company, Inc.0.3 Tons (2010)
Custom Frame Works, Inc.0.4 Tons (2012)
Flowers Baking Co. of Newton, LLC0.5 Tons (2009)
International Paper Company - Newton Container Plant0.7 Tons (2010)
Framewright, Inc.0.7 Tons (2009)
Unifour Finishers, Inc.0.7 Tons (2012)
GKN Sinter Metals - Conover0.7 Tons (2010)
Meghan Blake Industries, Inc. dba Fine Furnit ** INACTIVE **0.7 Tons (2012)
Style Upholstering, Inc.0.8 Tons (2011)
HM Frame Company, Inc. dba HM Woodworking, Inc.0.8 Tons (2012)
Southern Furniture Company of Conover, Inc. - Plant 10.9 Tons (2010)
Appalachian Hardwood Flooring0.9 Tons (2011)
Lee Roys Frame Company, Inc.1 Tons (2010)
Star Furniture Company of Hickory1 Tons (2009)
D & S Frames, Inc.1.1 Tons (2012)
Rudisill Frame Shop, Inc.1.1 Tons (2012)
Classic Leather, Inc.1.2 Tons (2011)
Bassett Upholstery Division2 Tons (2010)
Armacell Engineered Foams2.1 Tons (2009)
Tradewinds International, Inc.2.8 Tons (2012)
Total Assumed Emissions22.6

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NC DAQ - Toxic and Criteria Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report