North Carolina Criteria and Toxic Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report

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Note: Data here represents permitted point sources only, as reported to North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality.
Facilities in Guilford county reporting PM2.5(CAS: PM2.5) for Calendar Year 2013
Facility Name Assumed Amount (year)
Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc. - Former Fina ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2009)
Honda Aircraft Company, LLC0 Tons (2012)
Surteco USA, Inc. - Canplast Division0 Tons (2010)
Ecolab, Inc.0 Tons (2010)
NC Municipal Power Agency No. 1 - High Point ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2010)
Western Roto Engravers, Incorporated0 Tons (2010)
Adams an Oldcastle Company0 Tons (2011)
Carpenter Company0 Tons (2011)
Parker Hannifin Corporation - Aerospace Filtration Division0 Tons (2012)
Safco Patrician Company ** INACTIVE **0 Tons (2012)
Custom Drum Services, Inc.0 Tons (2009)
The Black Bros. Co. - Southeast Division0 Tons (2010)
Worth Industries, Inc. - Chimney Rock Printing0 Tons (2011)
United Metal Finishing, Inc. of Greensboro0 Tons (2012)
Massey Ready-Mix Concrete, Inc.0 Tons (2012)
Southeastern Foundries Corporation0 Tons (2011)
APAC-Atlantic, Inc. - Plant #150 Tons (2012)
NC Municipal Power Agency No. 1 - High Point Polo Plant0 Tons (2011)
City of High Point - Ward Water Plant0.1 Tons (2007)
Patheon Softgels Inc0.1 Tons (2009)
MCC-Norwood, LLC ** INACTIVE **0.1 Tons (2012)
IQE North Carolina0.1 Tons (2012)
Fiber Dynamics, Inc. ** INACTIVE **0.1 Tons (2012)
Sharpe Bros., a Div. of Vecellio & Grogan, Inc.-Lebanon Rd.0.1 Tons (2012)
DDP Specialty Electronic Materials US 9, LLC ** INACTIVE **0.1 Tons (2009)
Alberdingk Boley, Inc.0.1 Tons (2010)
ZINK Holdings, LLC0.1 Tons (2010)
Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC0.1 Tons (2009)
Burlington Distributing Company - Old Master ** INACTIVE **0.1 Tons (2009)
Gilbarco, Inc.0.1 Tons (2011)
Marshall's Finishing Company, Inc.0.1 Tons (2011)
W&W-AFCO Steel LLC0.1 Tons (2009)
Custom Finishers, Inc.0.1 Tons (2009)
The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company - Browns Summit0.2 Tons (2009)
Chemol Company, Inc.0.2 Tons (2011)
PPG Industries, Inc.0.2 Tons (2009)
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Jamestown Quarry0.2 Tons (2012)
Haworth, Inc. - Haworth Wood Seating0.2 Tons (2009)
Qualicaps, Inc.0.2 Tons (2011)
Endura Products, Inc. - Colfax Site0.2 Tons (2011)
Allen Industries, Inc. - Architectural Signage Division0.2 Tons (2012)
Culp, Inc. - Ticking0.3 Tons (2010)
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University0.3 Tons (2010)
Swaim, Inc.0.3 Tons (2012)
LANXESS Corporation0.3 Tons (2011)
IE Furniture, Inc.0.3 Tons (2012)
Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals LLC- Greensboro 1 Terminal0.4 Tons (2010)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - Facilities0.4 Tons (2010)
High Point Furniture Industries, Inc.0.4 Tons (2012)
Pine Needle LNG Company, LLC0.4 Tons (2010)
Axalta Coating Systems U.S.A., LLC0.4 Tons (2010)
Innospec Active Chemicals, LLC0.5 Tons (2010)
Associated Asphalt Greensboro, LLC0.5 Tons (2011)
Concept Plastics, Inc.0.6 Tons (2012)
The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital0.6 Tons (2012)
Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.0.6 Tons (2009)
EFA, Inc.0.7 Tons (2010)
HAECO Airframe Services, LLC0.7 Tons (2009)
Slane Hosiery Mills Inc ** INACTIVE **0.8 Tons (2009)
The Sherwin-Williams Company0.9 Tons (2009)
Kao Specialties Americas, LLC0.9 Tons (2009)
Chambers Fabrics, Inc.1 Tons (2009)
Tyco Electronics Corporation - Pegg Road2.3 Tons (2011)
Beard Hardwoods, Inc.2.6 Tons (2009)
Sharpe Bros., a Div of Vecellio & Grogan, Inc.-Liberty Rd2.8 Tons (2011)
High Point Fibers, Inc.3.4 Tons (2011)
Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.4.7 Tons (2009)
City of Greensboro - T.Z. Osborne Water Reclamation Facility10 Tons (2012)
Redbud, LLC12 Tons (2011)
Evonik Corporation16.8 Tons (2009)
The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company - Greensboro17.9 Tons (2009)
Resco Products, Inc.20.5 Tons (2010)
Total Assumed Emissions107.4

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NC DAQ - Toxic and Criteria Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report