North Carolina Criteria and Toxic Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report

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Note: Data here represents permitted point sources only, as reported to North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality.
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Pharr Yarns, Inc., Space Dye Plant ** INACTIVE **
99 Main Street

McAdenville, NC 28101
Gaston County

PollutantCAS CodeAssumed Emissions Reported - 2009
Criteria PollutantsTons
Hazardous/Toxic PollutantsPounds
Arsenic & Compounds (total mass of elemental AS, arsine and all inorganic compounds)ASC (7778394)5.37
Arsenic Unlisted Compounds - Specify Compound (Component of ASC)ASC-Other5.37
Cadmium & compounds (total mass includes elemental metal)CDC1.62
Cadmium Unlisted Compounds - Specify Compound (Component of CDC)CDC-Other1.62
Chromium (VI) Non-Specific Compounds, as Chrom(VI) (Component CRC)NSCR68.97
Chromium (VI) Non-Specific Unlisted Compounds - Specify Compound (Component of NSCR6 & CRC)NSCR6-Other8.97
Chromium - All/Total (includes Chromium (VI) categories, metal and others)CRC8.97
Dioxane, 1,4-123-91-19.145
Fluorides (sum of all fluoride compounds as mass of F ion)16984-48-8152
Glycol Ethers, Unlisted - Specify Compound (component of GLYET)GLYET-Other88
Glycol ethers (total all individual glycol ethers)GLYET88
Hexane, n-110-54-3135
Manganese & compoundsMNC12.2
Manganese Unlisted Compounds - Specify Compound (Component of MNC)MNC-Other12.2
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NC DAQ - Toxic and Criteria Air Pollutant Point Source Emissions Report