1. The flow from the OS page when you go to associate a ERP but have to create a new one is now OS ERP link --New ERP page -- OS ERP link -- Flow --OS.
2. Header is now a link to DAQ and DENR websites.
3. Valid Date warning now includes "mm/dd/yyyy" to indicate the format required
4. Criteria Pollutants show up on ALL OS's new or existing
5. Warning message added on OSS when "Did Not Operate" is un-clicked and un-clicking not allowed unless Source has been marked as "operated"
6. When adding a new ERP from OS Update page, upon completion you now return to ERP Linking page instead of the ERP page
7. Contact Person's name is no longer displayed on the Welcome page.
8. The cursor in the comments box now starts after the current comment
9. Warning message has been added for grouping ("Groups cannot contain source of different types")
10. ERP shows default values for fugitive
11. Continue and Back buttons on the OSS page have been added at both top and bottom of page
12. Ability to print the certification form, completed EI forms as entered, and the General info form is now active on closeout page at any time
13. User must now change category and type from default setting and save for Control Devices that haven't already had cat/type selected
14. Operating Scenario Summary page is now ordered with Groups first and then sources
15. Control Device Type and Category is now allowed unlimited editing regardless of approval.
16. Revised SCC field on OS page to display "to be updated by DAQ"
17. Corrected calculation function on OS page for before and after controls
18. Link to Print Comments has been added on the Submit page that allows the user to print all comments made in AERO
19. Adding and removing sources from current groups is now allowed
20. The browser's back button now has no effect instead of kicking the user off the system
21. DAQ assigned passwords now allow 1s and ls , Os and 0s, etc to be used interchangeably
22. Emission Source ID length increased to allow up to 20 characters
23. When entering data and tabbing around the screen, the cursor now only lands on the actual data fields.
24. Link to AERO User Manual is now active
25. "ES-CD List" link to top menu bar has been added.
26. Facilities now have the ability to change PIN
27. When selecting source on ES page then going to Group page the system takes the user to the group that it belongs to.
28. ERP screen has been changed to allow two different types of data modifications. #1 If data currently in system is wrong. #2 If stack physically changed.
29. Finder boxes have been added for Source and OSS pages
30. ERP warning text and QA check for velocity field have been added
31. A new column for after control emission factors has been added to OS
32. Copy pollutants function is now available - When clicking add new OS, the option of adding all pollutants from previous or copy pollutants from alternate OS is given