Forecast Discussion

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019

Forecast Valid: Monday, October 14, 2019

Today's Air Quality Conditions: Ozone readings are in the Code Green range statewide this afternoon. Particle pollution readings remain near the Code Green/Code Yellow threshold in the Charlotte area with Code Green conditions elsewhere. For a display of the most recent air quality conditions throughout the remainder of this afternoon, please visit the US EPA's AIRNOW web site.

General Forecast Discussion: Clearing skies are expected tomorrow with high pressure building in from the north and northwest. Winds out of the west will become calm during the day. The combination of lighter winds and plentiful sunshine should allow ozone values to increase into the Code Yellow range over the Charlotte and Triangle regions with Code Green conditions expected elsewhere. Particle pollution readings in the Code Green range are expected statewide tomorrow.

Outlook: High pressure will remain in control again Tuesday, albeit with increasing clouds later in the day as another storm system approaches for the middle of the week. Areas of rain, heavy at times, will be likely statewide on Wednesday as this area of low pressure moves across the Carolinas. Ozone readings may remain elevated in the Code Yellow range over the Charlotte and Triangle regions Tuesday before dropping into the Code Green range Wednesday; Code Green conditions are otherwise expected over the rest of the state both days. Particle pollution readings should hold in the Code Green range statewide through Wednesday.

Extended Air Quality Outlook
Forecast Day
AQI Range
Category Range
Monday 35-71 Green-Yellow
Tuesday 30-61 Green-Yellow
Wednesday 20-40 Green

The forecast Air Quality Index value for each pollutant represents the highest value expected within the forecast region, so some areas and monitors may see lower values. We use the best information and techniques available to ensure the quality and accuracy of the forecasts we provide to the public.

(Tardif - NC Division of Air Quality)