Forecast Discussion

Date: Friday, April 3, 2020

Forecast Valid: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Today's Air Quality Conditions: Air quality levels are well-within the Code Green range statewide this afternoon. For a display of the most recent air quality conditions throughout the remainder of this afternoon, please visit the US EPA's AIRNOW web site.

General Forecast Discussion: Tomorrow and Sunday, weak surface high pressure will build over the region which may allow for some localized increase in ozone production in the Charlotte and Triangle region, but reduced onroad emissions should continue to offset this to some extent.

Outlook: Monday, surface high pressure slides offshore in the Atlantic while a renewed area of high pressure builds over New England. Combined, this will result in light winds and warming temperatures, which may result in some localized Code Yellow ozone over the Charlotte and Triangle regions. Particle pollution levels will likely elevate into the upper Code Green range as well.

Extended Air Quality Outlook
Forecast Day
AQI Range
Category Range
Saturday 40-50 Green
Sunday 40-50 Green
Monday 45-61 Green-Yellow

The forecast Air Quality Index value for each pollutant represents the highest value expected within the forecast region, so some areas and monitors may see lower values. We use the best information and techniques available to ensure the quality and accuracy of the forecasts we provide to the public.

(McLamb - NC Division of Air Quality)