Forecast Discussion

Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Forecast Valid: Thursday, July 7, 2022

Today's Air Quality Conditions: Ozone readings are rising into the Code Yellow range over the Piedmont including Charlotte and Rocky Mount, with lower readings in the Code Green range elsewhere. Localized fine particulate readings in the Code Yellow range are possible near/downwind of the Ferebee Road fire site; otherwise, Code Green conditions are being observed over the rest of the state. For a display of the most recent Air Quality Index (AQI) conditions throughout the day, please visit the Ambient Information Reporter (AIR) website.

General Forecast Discussion: Partly cloudy, warm and humid weather is expected to start the day tomorrow with afternoon thunderstorms expected to push through the state, some severe with damaging winds the main threat. The unsettled weather threat for another day should temper ozone statewide, with Code Green conditions expected over most of the state and localized Code Yellow conditions in Raleigh and Charlotte. Fine particulate readings in the Code Green range are likely over most of the state except for near the Ferebee Road site, though these impacts are decreasing and may be negligible by this weekend.

Outlook: Warm, humid and periodically stormy weather is expected through Saturday as a series of disturbances move through the Carolinas, and a frontal boundary approaches from the north by late Saturday. Ozone and fine particulate readings in the Code Green range appear likely statewide Friday and Saturday.

Extended Air Quality Outlook
Forecast Day
AQI Range
Category Range
Thursday 45-51 Green-Yellow
Friday 45 Green
Saturday 30 Green

The forecast Air Quality Index value for each pollutant represents the highest value expected within each county, so some areas and monitors may see lower values. We use the best information and techniques available to ensure the quality and accuracy of the forecasts we provide to the public.

(Tardif - NC Division of Air Quality)