Forecast Discussion

Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021

Forecast Valid: Monday, October 25, 2021

Today's Air Quality Conditions: Current air quality levels are in the Code Green range statewide. For a display of the most recent air quality conditions throughout the remainder of this afternoon, please visit the Ambient Information Reporter (AIR) website.

General Forecast Discussion: Tomorrow, residual elevated particle pollution from today could result in some hourly values being elevated early before lowering as the day progresses. Hourly ozone levels may rise temporarily into the low Code Yellow range during the afternoon in the Charlotte region, but the waning October sun will make obtaining a max. 8 hr. concentration in the Code Yellow range difficult, especially with clouds around early in the day and scattered clouds filtering in again in the afternoon ahead of the next front.

Outlook: Tuesday into Wednesday, a cold front will clear the state in the morning allowing for strong cold air advection to commence on breezy northwesterly winds. This should advect a cleaner, drier air mass into the region and continue Code Green air quality across the state through midweek.

Extended Air Quality Outlook
Forecast Day
AQI Range
Category Range
Monday 45-55 Green-Yellow
Tuesday 35 Green
Wednesday 40 Green

The forecast Air Quality Index value for each pollutant represents the highest value expected within the forecast region, so some areas and monitors may see lower values. We use the best information and techniques available to ensure the quality and accuracy of the forecasts we provide to the public.

(McLamb - NC Division of Air Quality)