Morning Edition

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Air Quality Conditions:
Particle pollution readings are in the Code Yellow range across most of the state this morning, except in the far west where a cold front has already passed, and a cleaner air mass has moved in. For a display of the most recent Air Quality Index (AQI) conditions throughout the day, please visit the US EPA's AIRNOW web site. Real-time air quality monitoring data is also available on the NC Division of Air Quality's real-time monitoring data web pages for Ozone and Particle Pollution.

Morning Edition:
Today, a cold front is currently moving into the state from the west, switching winds to west-northwesterly behind it. While particle pollution levels overnight into early tomorrow morning have remained elevated, they should quickly fall behind the front. Expect daily concentrations to land in the upper Code Green range across the state.

(McLamb - NC Division of Air Quality)

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