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Date: Monday, August 21, 2017 - 10:00 ET

Air Quality Conditions:
Ozone levels are in the Code Green range statewide this morning. Hourly particle pollution levels are in the low Code Yellow range. For a display of the most recent Air Quality Index (AQI) conditions throughout the day, please visit the US EPA's AIRNOW web site. Real-time air quality monitoring data is also available on the NC Division of Air Quality's real-time monitoring data web pages for Ozone and Particle Pollution.

Morning Edition:
A moist and increasingly stagnant air mass resides across NC this morning. Particle pollution concentrations have responded by rising into the lower Code Yellow range. Ozone levels today are going to be tempered -- to some extent -- by the reduced solar radiation resulting from the solar eclipse. It is possible the the Charlotte and/or Triangle regions could reach the low Code Yellow range, but it seems most likely that ozone levels will hold in the Code Green range. No changes are needed to the forecast at this time.

(McLamb - NC Division of Air Quality)

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