Morning Edition

Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Air Quality Conditions:
Ozone and particle pollution readings are in the Code Green range statewide so far this morning. For a display of the most recent Air Quality Index (AQI) conditions throughout the day, please visit the US EPA's AIRNOW web site. Real-time air quality monitoring data is also available on the NC Division of Air Quality's real-time monitoring data web pages for Ozone and Particle Pollution.

Morning Edition: Today, a strong upper level low -- trapped by a continuing west-based, negative NAO block over Greenland -- will pivot southeastward towards the Great Lakes/New England. This will result in cyclogenesis over southeastern Quebec, and will result in a weak surface trough extending southward down the Appalachians into NC. This will provide a catalyst for afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and the current expectation is that this should continue to hold air quality levels predominantly in the Code Green range through the period. A few hours of clear skies may allow Charlotte ozone levels to temporarily rise into the Code Yellow range tomorrow afternoon, so as a precaution have forecast a low Code Yellow for ozone there, with Code Green forecast elsewhere across the state.

The forecast Air Quality Index value for each pollutant represents the highest value expected within the forecast region, so some areas and monitors may see lower values. We use the best information and techniques available to ensure the quality and accuracy of the forecasts we provide to the public.

(McLamb - NC Division of Air Quality)

For yesterday's observed air quality, please click on the tab labeled "Yesterday's Observations" on the main forecast page.