Available Ambient Data by Pollutant

To get the latest available ambient data for a particular pollutant or meteorological measurement, select that monitor from the drop-down list. The data will be displayed below once you have made your selection. To display data from a past date, click "Change date."

All current values and statistics are averages for one-hour durations, unless the name of the monitor indicates otherwise.
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*In 2016, the EPA rule for calculating the Ozone 8-Hour Average was changed to exclude 8-hour averages with start hours between 12 AM and 6 AM. Therefore, the 8-hour average for the current date is not available until after the 2 PM Standard Time ozone value has been collected.

CountySiteCurrent ReadingMinMaxAverage/ TotalUnitStatusHour (EST)
Graham Joanna Bald -- -- -- -- PPB normal --
Haywood Frying Pan -- -- -- -- PPB normal --
Haywood Purchase Knob -- -- -- -- PPB normal --
Mecklenburg Garinger HS -- -- -- -- PPB normal --
Rowan Rockwell -- -- -- -- PPB normal --
Wake Millbrook -- -- -- -- PPB normal --

Note that these data are in raw form and have not been validated. These data should not be used in any medical or scientific studies. Validated data is available upon request.

Historically there have been three definitions of Air Quality Index ranges (the breakpoints that define color codes). For all dates before 12 March 2008, we use the "1997 breakpoints" for displaying colors. For dates between 12 March 2008 and 27 December 2015, we use the "2008 breakpoints." View the color code breakpoints.

The data reported from Mecklenburg County are collected by Mecklenburg County Air Quality.
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